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DORK-- retardedly silly goofy- funny faces and noises and not caring...and then the few true dorks that are out there know exactly where you are coming from...no matter how old you are
Im a huge dork and am proud. 36 years old...part of Im a huge dork and am proud. 36 years old...part of the "popular" group but was the cool chubby chick that all the guys could hang and drink with...lost a lot of weight in my 20's and supposedly was considered hot, but I never though so...more confidence with my rolls and long hair... ok, so i love to be silly, retarded (don't get offended I've worked with mentally challenged kids my entire life and they have made a world of difference in my life--but story for another time..to put yourself out there as crazy as it may sound or look like and not even trying or caring....dork
#dork #debbie--- goofy #silly #not caring #being oneself
by deb dog February 25, 2007
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