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the last major offensive of the german SS takeing place in the Ardennes forest where the germans sourrounded the 101st Airborne division near the town of Bastonge and where Anthony McAliff made his famous remark of "NUTS," Also this is where the Waffen SS killed many American prisonors.
German soldier, "Surrender"
McAluff "NUTS"
McAluff's fanous response at the battle of the bulge
by deathstars April 30, 2008
6, June 1944 not 1943 or 1994 you retards read a fuckin book for once D-Day was an important turning point in the war and it was not to save France from the fuckin Commies it was to free a peoples from a tyrant.
D-Day os on 6, June 1944 consisting of a larga force of Americans, British, and Canadians, and have respect for the men who died cause of the Krauts
by deathstars April 30, 2008

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