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Imagine a tiny mind, half the size of a tic-tac. This pseudo-mind contains all of the ingredients of full-blown intelligence. Then crush that pill up and dissolve it into an Olympic swimming pool.

That is the lot of the average Neurotypical.
Unfortunately, they have not a fraction of the mental wattage to understand something as complex as Aspergers syndrome or Autism, particularly as those 'conditions' generally impart an order of magnitude more intelligence than the average Neurotypical.
Oddly, Neurotypicals can't spell either.

Asperger's is easier to understand in terms of the stupidity of Neurotypicals sometimes:
Basically, some whiny teenage emo outcasts figured out that they could easily fit in with others of their own kind, but only at the expense of being just a teeny bit able to think. Then they started making this bullshit movement for other whiny ~unique~ teenagers to join them. So that they could all meet together on the Internet and have a giant fucking circlejerk about how ''UNIQUE'' and ''MISUNDERSTOOD'' they are. To make themselves feel better they beat up on quiet kids until the parents' complain, but the whiny teens get a few dipshit doctors to vouch for them. Their grammar remains apalling.

Attention-whoring Emo Neurotypical Dickhead: "Fear my Vulcan mind-abilities, puny earthling, for I have Asperger's Syndrome!" - is an exaggeration, amazingly with correct spelling and grammar, but by and large this world was *created* by people with Asperger's/Autism and other genius-generating conditions. And Psycopaths, the homo sapiens' natural internal predator. Neurotypicals really are just the meat and sewerage of the system, they serve no 'central' purpose, but its important for them to believe that they do. Can you honestly imagine a Neurotypical conceiving of 'Courts' or 'Parliament' ? Can you imagine them designing the engineering concepts that go into building a house? A skyscraper? A car? A rocket? An aircraft? Give me a break, there is just no way. These things take a deep, deep ability to abstract. Aspergers Syndrome.
by deathfromabover February 06, 2013

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