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Slang nickname for a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity.
"Yea, I'll call up the Chops later to hang out."
by deano December 03, 2006
a lil kid that realy pisses you off by being able to do everything better then you... Take snowboarding for instance... your screeming down the slope and this 5 year old on a 3foot long board will scream past you doing aobut 500mph.. usuly the decided to turn right infront of you witch means you have to take avoiding action..


a newb to a pc game that just acts like a twat most of the time.. goes around TKing on throwing nades at themselvs lol
'Omfg what a munchkin!'
by Deano February 12, 2004
a rather small, hairy animal, not too disimilar to a shaved ewok. A lazy creature, it travels large distances by fast vehicles. When nearby, be careful of your approach - conversations can end up being one-sided, and lead surrounding people to be quickly berated and put in their place. A comical creature, it has been known to come up with several interesting phrases - diddle the nubbin this cunt - among others.

known associates have been wendtabone and roh
you're such a cunt churchy!
by deano May 06, 2004
just a random shout for joy
me and jz were walking and said" 3.. 2... 1.. POPPYCOSH"
by deano November 20, 2004
the process of getting drunk
me and my girlfriend went to this party to get awsome.
by deano November 20, 2004
slang for awesome, because 2 e's is pretty ugly
you are so awsome dude
by deano November 20, 2004
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