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Boozehound; juicehead; lush
Your dad is a serious rummie.
by Deano February 26, 2004
a rather large mammal from the southern region of Victoria, Australia. Has a rather large appetite for food and beer; a constantly hungry creature always looking for more food. This creature is often characterised as having a lizard like features, bulbous eyes, and a protruding beer gut.

The only thing that fascinates this creature more than food, are boobs. It is known that the creature will become nigh-on incapacitated upon seeing a rather stunnging set of boobs.
Hi, my name's wendtabone. I like boobs and food. I'd eat boobs if I could.
by deano May 06, 2004
very very ugly
Yo' girl is dumb ugly. She got to go to the doctor and get that removed!
by deano October 21, 2003
when you want something real bad. may be used as a suffix on any word by adding a j to the end of it.
amj, i want to bang that whorej. she looks so goodj. damnj.
by deano April 05, 2005
A dirty cop dippin his hands in the drug game.
That pig ass toppa tippin fo profit, so hide yo stash, befo his bitch ass got it.
by deano April 05, 2005
another way to say cool. see also "kewl" which is another way to spell it
threatened to get a 2 year expulsion, i simply said KAWL!
by deano November 20, 2004
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