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vaginal fluids
Your hands are covered in kitty chowder.
by Deanna December 04, 2003
a term used for bitches who get backshots and then take a shit after they are done
Get out of ma face you shittyassfuck
by Deanna June 10, 2004
one persons hate towards another person's ideas
"dont try to cover up your hateage towards my cool shoes!"
by Deanna November 07, 2004
to have sex or pussy
When I a dude who really likes u comes up to you and says "Let me get some kut up" or a dude will tell his friends " I'm gonin' to get some kut up
by DeAnna January 04, 2004
A profiler is a phrase that is funny or entertaining enough to be put in a profile or bio of some kind. Usually said by a friend.
Kirsten: I think my hat is a virgin
Deanna: Dude, that's a profiler! Hahaha!
by Deanna December 02, 2004
The act of giving a female head
Giving her sexual favors
Striving to make a girl happy

Drived from the show making the band and the cheesecake walk most commonly related to dylan

"he wants us to walk to brooklyn to get him chesscake"
yo my boyfriend gave me some good ass cheesecake last night.

I been waitin to get some cheesecake all day gurl

I dont know what it is man but its somthin about it bro gurls love cheesecake
by Deanna February 13, 2004
My lover and my eternal man forever that is the main charater on the anime YuGiOh, and we shall never part.
On May 8th, 2004, 9:30 pm:

Yugi, to me: "Come, my love, we shall have a luscious time..."
by Deanna June 17, 2004
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