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A breed of Guido only spotted during the colder, snowy months of the year. Unlike the regular Guido which can be spotted by it's signature "popped collar", the Michigan Guido uses a scarf worn indoors to signify his faggotry with a shirt one-half size too small, as to sell tickets to his gun show. Also worth noting, this particular breed (because let's be honest, any Guido is sub-human) will have the typical pursed lips, over-sized fake diamond earring, Oompa-Loompa tan, and non-gelled Wop-Dago hair. Not to outdone by their Jersey counterparts, what they lack in spikey Aqua-Nettitude, they make up for in utter fucktardation, with a dash of douchebaggery, and a heaping load of assfaggery.
I swear to Christ if that fucking Michigan Guido moved my barstool one more time I would have set his scarf on fire had I a little moar whiskey in my system, and if somebody wouldn't have stopped me.
by dean teh peen January 08, 2009
An expansion of FUPA (fat upper pussy area); akin to super- duper, FUPA-dupa is a supah-dupa-FUPA.
As we were watching TV, Thad Jarvis pointed out that the woman was not plain FUPA, but she was FUPA-dupa.
by dean teh peen January 28, 2008

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