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4 definitions by deal

to use actions (threatening physical harm, winks, finger-to-the-lips- shusshing) or words (cussing, screaming, or board-room posturing) to diminutize or dominate someone into beta status and/or elevate someone else above them to alpha status
I had a huge argument with my father yesterday over something as stoobid as my washing his car: he totally didn't care about how clean the car was...so much as he cared about wanting to alphabesize me over the fact that he owned the car and I didn't...no matter how shiny I polished it.
by deal April 09, 2006
A word used in text messages meant to simply mean ''done''.
Its very first appearance on context is on an argument yet at either being a typographical error or intentionally sent.
''I'm dkone eating! Who wants to text?''
by DeaL April 06, 2013
A merge of burn and ban, written by an anonymous forumer in the following context: ''Go, *bleep secret name*. Barn this heretic!''
It came from burn since, he/she noted, heretics were led to being burnt down before.
And, ban because he/she wants me to get banned. Temporarily. Hahaha.
Well, I dunno about you guys but I love this word.
''Oh c'mon, mods, barn this guy! He already broke too many rules.''
by DeaL April 06, 2013
exerting dominance, alpha status over another.
that wanna-be-gangstah-leadah rode me hard out on the street corner. Just to alpha-bet-ize his status he did this. He can't spell, but he knows damn well how to push and pull his social skills.
by deal April 06, 2006