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10 definitions by deadprez92

a girl or woman who goes on dates for free food
god, danielle is such a hamburger ho! she went on a date with tim just cause she wanted to go to red lobster and she ended up giving him a blumpkin in the men's room
by deadprez92 May 26, 2007
1.vagina, derived from todger meaning penis, and pocket, a place where you put things
2. a pocket where you keep your penis
1. i boned your mom in her todger pocket yesterday
2. these pants come with a built in todger pocket
by deadprez92 December 21, 2006
something that is caveman-ish, anything caveman related
dude, that guy wearing a loincloth and carrying a bone is seriously ooky
by deadprez92 January 10, 2007