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7 definitions by dead777

The residence of ones state of dudeness, or the place in which this essence is located.
Man, if you don't turn down that Slayer album it is bound to really mess with my mindspace. It is much too early for the devil.
by dead777 August 26, 2008
An episode of a tv show that wanders away from the ongoing main storyline. Typical of science fiction television shows.
Hey man, did you see last nights X-Files? Did they get into some crazy UFO stuff or what?

No man, it was a total Skunk Ape Episode. All they did was wander around in the sewers looking for some stretch armstrong mother-f'r. Tooms!
by dead777 July 22, 2009
1. One who resides in St Helens Oregon.

2. A person likely to appear on multiple episodes of cops.
I had to head over to Sunshine pizza in St Helens and get some rice krispie treats. Man that town stinks.

That's because it's filled with nothing but dello scum.
by dead777 August 26, 2008
The music of Marylin Manson.
I dig that Mummy Rock. Mummy Rock? Yeah, you know Marylin Manson.
by dead777 August 21, 2008
The unbelievable facial contortions that happen when the body has three choices during a mam-a-jam of a guitar solo

1. Rock face
2. Duece in the pants
3. Nnnuuuugh, spooge.
Did you see that f-ing Rock Face he made coming out of the Rockin Horse solo?

I don't know man, he may have to change his underwear.
by dead777 February 04, 2010
choking on my turkey sangwich laughing so hard
Dude, Wait til you see Stephen Hawkings get pwned. ;-) COMTSLSH
by dead777 May 27, 2009
Seinfeld In Real Life is a news story or any other real life event that mirrors something that happened in an episode of Seinfeld.
Hey, did you see that SIRL (Seinfeld In Real Life) article this morning? Some marine bio dudes found a dead whale in Seattle with trash inside, including a golf ball!

Was it a titleist?
by dead777 April 20, 2010