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A twenty dollar bill. Named after the 7th president of the United States who is on the face of the bill. Usually used in reference to asking for a bribe.
Cop: Have you seen Vinnie? There's a warrant out for his arrest.

Guido: I never talk to cops, but I'll talk to Andrew Jackson.
by dead parrot September 17, 2010
Verb: The act of a woman or a girl letting her sister win a competition so she does not hurt her feelings. This sibling is usually more passive and eager to please than her sister.

Named after tennis star Venus Williams who would dominate opponents in earlier rounds of tennis tournaments but then often looked terrible when she faced her sister Serena.
Sasha constantly ran a 10.9 in the earlier heats of the 100 M dash but then obviously Venus Williamsed the final race when she ran a 12.1 and lost to her sister Olga.
by dead parrot September 20, 2010
A cyber attack that is done through a vulnerability in a software application that the developer of the software is unaware of and is first discovered by the hacker. The term is used to mean that the software developer had zero days to work on a patch to fix an exploit before the exploit was used. One of the most common applications to have a zero day exploit is a web browser.
John: All the data on my computer was destroyed by a virus.

Bill: Yeah you need to be very careful when you download porn.

John: No, I heard it was done through a zero day exploit on Internet Explorer.

Bill: Oh I see. But why are you using Internet Exploder? Everybody knows that's a piece of shit browser.

John: Don't know, I never will again.
by dead parrot September 18, 2010
Action Verb: To care for someone so unconditionally that you'll do anything for this person including give up your life. True love is when this action is expressed between two people mutually.

Love does not always have to be for a person, it can also be for an idea or cause.

Love is always expressed in action. The woman or man that says "I love you" but then proceeds to do selfish things and shows no action of love is just bullshitting.
Trish: Did you hear that Tonya broke most of the bones in her body because she jumped in front of a car to save her son?

Erin: Yea, she really showed love there. I hope Tonya will be ok.

Trish: Me too.
by dead parrot September 21, 2010
The phrase a guy says to his girlfriend or wife which really means he'll be banging his mistress, at a bar hitting on women, or out trolling for hookers.
Steve: Can you take little Mikey to soccer practice on Saturday, I'm going to be out with the guys.

Carol: Ok hun, just don't stay out too late, ok.
by dead parrot September 22, 2010

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