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to agg something is to "milk it", to work slowly, or take to long accomplishing a task, or drag out a project.

the term originates from the term "milking it" and has a similar meaning
it is used in a condescending nature to describe someones actions
it originates from the word agriculture and is used by people around the dairy industry
"he has bean on that same job all day, if you ask me he's just agging it"

"this job will take all day, just watch me agg it
by de partay April 02, 2011
sugarhouse hopping is to go from sugarhouse to sugarhouse having a drink and socializing at each one.

this is a common term in Vermont.
hay its spring time and the sap is flowing, lets go sugarhouse hopping tonight.

hay uncle Matt we have finished boiling all our sap, lets shut down for the night and go sugarhouse hopping, grab that 30 rack of bud lite and we will start at Ovits sugarhouse then we will swing by Brannons sugar house and if Webbs are still boiling sap we will stop in.
by de partay April 02, 2011

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