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girls who are really flat
" damn that girl is an olsen twin... damn she dont even got a J Lo. "
by de June 19, 2004
(n) used to define those humans who's intelligence and general sense of responsibility and common courtesy place them below the general population (see popul); sub-general population, sub-popul
As the teacher announced the test average was 28% and the only question on the test was "spell you name", I stared at my high school class and came to realize I was surrounded by subians.
by De December 30, 2004
Zambian, it means to bless the soul with good omens. Typically used at the end of a conversation or as a respectful greeting, sometimes used in funeral arrangements as well.
Zambian: in zambia we say Parumbana, it mean to bless the soul with good omens
Mike: Thank you very much! to you too!

Zambian 1: hello my friend! Parumbana!
Zambian 2: Parumbana to you too sir.

Zambian funeral director: This soul has now passed onto the other side, we shall bow our hands and exchange sorrow through our minds. Parumbana to all lost souls, may they one day find peace.
by DE July 05, 2005
rap legend and one of hiphop's finest artist of all times.
Dang G, Piddy's latest album went triple platinum. Yo fo shizzle? Word Up Dawg
by DE August 06, 2004
(noun) the word is used in reference to those members of the "general population"... the unfathomable amount of morons that make-up "barely average"... generally used in reference to intelligence
As I walked to class and heard someone shout something stupid, I couldn't help but feel surrounded by populs.
by De August 19, 2004
For an accurate description see; Shithole.

It is also a breeding ground for "rudebois" or "wannabe gangsters".
"Hey, you go to Chantry?"
"wot wot rudeboi gonna murk you blud, wanna start sumthin"
"wot wot, you best keep walking bredwin, or you'll be slewwed."
by DE March 10, 2005
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