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Economic development enhancement means shopping and spending money.
I think I will go and practice my economic development enhancement this afternoon
by ddude August 15, 2007
Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Fu**ing Brains Out, in short ROFLMFBO, is an adaption of an ''old'' internet accronmym for Rolling On Floor Laughing. The integration of the second part, laughing my f-ing brains out, is probably originated from several animation shows. Like ROFL, ROFLMFBO can be used in a satirical manner.

ROFLMFBO is mostly used to emphasize how extremely funny something really is. Sometimes it is used in reply of the acronym ROFL itself.
<x> Hey dude, did you see this comedian? (link from some site) ROFL!!!

<y> Oh man! ROFLMFBO!!!!!!!

<x> Totally man!
by DDude October 01, 2013
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