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You insult or diss someone and at the same time you big them up. Usally complimenting someone followed by a negative remark. Or bigging someone up and dissing them in the same breathe, leaving them with mixed emotions.
Craig: Yeah Shawns pretty awesome with computers, besides the fact he's a fat.

Dan: Yeah i agree. Casey looked handsome last night at the dance, to bad he smells of shit.

Bystander: You guys are good at diss ups... To bad you're both shit at counter-strike
by DDPRO June 02, 2007
A fat person who is extremely overweight or just a common insult between friends.
Craig you gonna do some house work you fuckin' beef you've sat there all day.

Dan isn't eric a fuckin' beef hes such a fat bastard.
by DDPRO August 30, 2005
When you're a hardcore gamer with an arkward leg position whilst pwning on games - the result after a couple of years is having loss quite a large amount of hair from the backs of your legs due to such harsh gaming the friction has caused hair loss
Craig wondered why it looked like someone had shaved his back of his leg. I cryed with laughter until upon further inpection of my own legs I realised I also was bald as a fucking coot. Gamer legs for life
by ddpro October 11, 2009
The 1970's pornos had sideburns on their cocks cos it was so old and pathetic.

Or a common insult.
Holy shit craig, that porno is so old the dude has a sideburn cock

dan: dude, shawn can be such a sideburn cock
craig: yeah i agree lawl!
by DDPRO March 18, 2006

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