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A person that looks good from a distance, but with a closer look (or via SQUINTING), is revealed to be much less attractive. Often confused with beergoggles, but is not a function of alcohol, only of unsatisfactory distance. First coined by John M. in 1998
I was at a club last night and saw this hottie across the dance floor. But when I was about 10 ft away from her, I saw she was a squinter so I bailed.
by Ddorfjt January 24, 2008
verb. to cause a feeling of bloativation, i.e. to inspire someone to feel fat and hence the need to get in shape.
When he asked if I was pregnant, it totally bloativated me.
by Ddorfjt July 25, 2009
Adj. The need to work out or get in shape due to a real or perceived feeling of fatness. Usually triggered by clothes that don't fit, a higher-than-expected scale reading or a comment.

Also can be used as a verb, to bloativate.
When I couldn't button my jeans, I immediately was bloativated.
by Ddorfjt July 25, 2009
Adjective: Describes the state of inebriation where a person can no longer walk normally but can stumble, yet does not fall down while stumbling.
After her third beer, my friend stopped being a walking buzz kill and became a stumbulatory buzz kill.
by ddorfjt October 01, 2009
Adjective -- Moving in a manner commonly associated with zombies.
Ever since I read "World War Z", I've had nightmares of the shambulatory dead.
by ddorfjt October 01, 2009

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