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The largest of shit storms a turdikane can be known to destroy whole bussiness,classrooms, offices and lives. The turdikane is often predicted using dumplar radar and forcasted by crapuweather
The turdakaine wiped out all of COMM 240. Rendering the room silent.
#turdakaine #poonado #shitening #dumplar #crap-u-weather
by ddeckchair May 03, 2010
The spawn of a shitstorm often seen in the distance before the storm hits. Shitening destroys all it hits.
Off in the distance chad could see the shitening, and knew the boss would have bad news.
#shit #turdakaine #crap-u-weather forecast #shitening #shitquake
by ddeckchair May 03, 2010
A small isolated but powerfull shit storm hitting board rooms and classrooms nationwide
The boss was pissed and unleased a poonado on the conferance room.
#shit #turdakaine #crap-u-weather forecast #shitening #shitquake
by ddeckchair May 03, 2010
The high tech device used to detect shit storms.
The dumplar radar shows a large shitstorm about to wash over the conferance room.
#shitstorm #shitnado #shitakaine #assteroid #shitening
by ddeckchair May 03, 2010
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