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The act of being an extreme turd. Being lazy and trashy. Unproductive. Worthless
I can see you haven't gotten off the couch today Turdle Dove
by dddangerrr January 07, 2010
To proclaim great excitement and/or accomplishment. A way to express you enjoyment, satisfaction or happiness. Can also be used to disrespect your opponents. Can be said Chia Boy as well, for extra emphasis
I just beat you in a game of pool, Chia! Chia!
by dddangerrr January 07, 2010
To be extremely fucked up on uppers and other nasal drugs. Wide awake. To feel extremely hungover, or partied out.
I was over at Julie's place and we got extremely caked
by dddangerrr January 07, 2010
A large amount of powder. Usually cocaine or other drugs that are meant to be snorted. Usually lines that are laid out so that they aren't very long, but quite fat. The name comes from the lines being about the size of an infants penis.
I'm ripped. Jon really cut up some baby dicks
by dddangerrr January 07, 2010
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