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AKA Galloway. G-Way iz tha dopest hood in tha West Hill Area..in tha T-Dot. Dis area iz all Cripz..C'z LOC! Northsyde iz from north of Kingston road towardz Lawrence..N southsyde iz south of Kingston Road..1 of tha ruff-est areaz in the T-Dot...Many Dope Boiz n tonz of hoezz thru southsyde...northsyde got mo dopeboiz dan hoezz...A lotta brothaz gettin shot...Buh waz way wurse bacc den..Nd unlike "Malvern" full of dem fucckin lankan ppl GWay gotz mostly blacc pplz wit also a lotta brown "nott lankan"ppl...u walk down tha street u hardly gon c n e wite folkz yaheard..No matta wat y'allz say G-way gon b mi hood till i die...
G-Way Bout ta tear dis shytt up!!
by dchic.fosho January 02, 2007
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