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Slang term for Bank of America
The Whore of Babylon couldn't wait for me to overdraft my checking account again to hit me with another f*cking overdraft fee!
by dcf68 June 23, 2006
When one's sex partner sucks on an ice cube, drastically lowering the temperature of their mouth and tongue, prior to giving you oral sex.
LaFawnduh gave me a chilly willy in the bathroom on the bus to Detroit. That's when I knew I was gonna marry her.
by dcf68 June 23, 2006
2006 Miami Heat - NBA Champions
Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat are the 2006 NBA Champions.
by dcf68 June 23, 2006
slang for male masterbation (jerking off, beating the bishop, roughing up the suspect, shaking hands with the governor, etc.)
Man 1: Hey, did you bang that girl you went out with last night?

Man 2: Oh yeah.

Man 1: What happened?

Man 2: After dinner, we went back to my place. After a few drinks, I figured she was good to go. So I whipped my dick out and started wrestling the midget right in fromt of her.

Man 1: What did she do?

Man 2: She got turned on, started flicking her bean and the rest is history.

Man 1: (Nodding with approval) Nice...
by dcf68 June 23, 2006

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