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3 definitions by dcbornes

a person of both filipino and cambodian descent. often characterised by their short stature, coarse black hair and uncharacteristically dark skin colouring.
with a filipino father and a cambodian mother, the young boy was therefore, flambodian.
by dcbornes August 06, 2007
a person of both filipino and maori descent.
Best described as the drunk & disorderly female of filipino & maori descent as seen on 'City Beat'. Asian looking in appearance but with the attire of a 'typical' maori adolescent female (E.G puffy 'homeboy' jacket {preferably dada or wutang clan} and bone totem necklace)
'that crazy ol' flaori is gunna get arrested bro'
by dcbornes August 06, 2007
a person whom desires to be of spanish descent in order to appear moreso 'exotic' or 'mediterranean european'.

fake spanish: will normally draw on very little to no ACTUAL spanish ancestory however, will perhaps base their so-called cultural background on perhaps being given a 'spanish' name or living in a country where once the spanish armadas occupied (see world history).
when miss.j asked hector, the 8th generation spaniard by default, what his cultural background was he replied 'i am half spanish/half filipino'. 'indeed fannish' miss.j thought.
by dcbornes August 06, 2007