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A sophisticated, timelessly fashionable item of footwear (Flip-flop) originating from the Croatian island of Hvar in the Adriatic Sea.
In 1962, a Brazilian company (Not named for legal reasons) allegedly copied the item using the name "Havaiana" and went on to experience unrivalled cult-like success, particularly among beach dwelling hipsters.
The state of Hvar began legal proceedings against the accused Brazilian corporation in 2010 but dropped the case after an undisclosed out-of-court settlement.
Sarah: "Hey Rob, are those new Havaianas. Haven't seen any of those for sale during my time in Croatia & the ones I brought with me got stolen. Where can I get me a pair?"
Rob: "Bitch please. These are Hvarianas. I don't wear imitations.."
by Dazler January 16, 2014
Means the act of aquatic mating, usually with frogs or similar small defenceless mamals.
Had a great Shirazul the other day!
by dazler March 03, 2011
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