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2 definitions by daygzzz

Making a reference to sci-fi/fantasy or comic books in which you purposely mix up the wrong character or facts to get a nerd to correct you.
Bill: "Hey Larry, did you know Boba Fett's first appearance was in an episode of Mork and Mindy?"

Nerd; "No it wasn't!" "It was on the Star Wars Holiday Special."

Bill: "Nerd trap!!!"
by Daygzzz October 23, 2012
14 3
OSI (Operating System Index) A method to determine the level of geekiness or nerdom in an individual using the number of operating systems they use.
Larry: Lewis has so many damn computer gadgets.
Bill: I know, right? What's his OSI (Operating System Index) then?
Larry: 6
by daygzzz November 04, 2012
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