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2 definitions by dawgers198912823

She's musical, smart, athletic, and talented in many ways. She's beautiful inside and out, and she's not like any person you'll meet. Her smile could light an entire room. Her beauty shines from the inside, it's not just her exterior that makes her beautiful. She's been through a lot and might not act like it. She's quiet, but once you break through that bulletproof pride, you'll love that kid forever. She's really understanding, and nice, and sweet, and welcoming no matter what. She'll always be there to back you up, and won't give up on anything no matter what. She's strong, and she's going to go far in life. Be grateful for her, because she deserves the best. If you're lucky enough to have her, treat her well. You don't know what you have until it's gone.
Person: I miss you, I hope you're having fun wherever you may go, and wherever life takes you.

Gwen: Aww
Person: When you forget me
When you don't remember my name
Not even a memory
Somewhere in the back of your brain
I won't be offended
Cause I always knew that the day
Will come when I'm not enough to make you stay
by dawgers198912823 October 07, 2013
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Buddyofriend is a special kind a friend, and can't be explained very clearly. Buddyofriends are awesome, and there's only a couple true buddyofriends in the world.
Hey dawg!
Hey buddyofriend!
What's up?
by dawgers198912823 October 07, 2013
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