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3 definitions by dawg32123212345

A term used within a happiness and cyanide comic which subtly insinuates the act of sexual intercourse.
In watching a rather curvacious and heavily hootered woman pass by, one man exults to his friend:

Man, I'd love to take her out to dinner...
And by "take her out to dinner" I mean dunk the donut...
And by "dunk the donut" I mean have sex with her.
And by "have sex with her" I mean use my penis on her
And by "penis" I mean staple remover
And by "staple" I mean virginity
by dawg32123212345 August 04, 2008
23 6
The enjoyment of Rambo flicks whilst donning pyjamas and appreciate some well glazed ham. Exceptions include meals of bagettes and Fresca, as well as watching the entirety of the Star Wars or Back to the Future anthologies in the place of First Blood.
Matumbo: What'll it be boys? Pyjamaramahambo at my place tonight?
Jackson: Great Scott! I'll bring the ham!
by dawg32123212345 August 04, 2008
7 1
An adjective describing God's gracious gift of an exceptionally large bosom.
John: Five o'clock my man! Check out the biknockulars on that one!
Rick: By George is that woman is heavily hootered. I mean cannons, people! Big ol' boobies!
by dawg32123212345 August 04, 2008
5 1