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1 definition by davkadeergirl

The expression, "Captian Save a Ho," is one coined and used by sex-workers, especially strippers, to designate the man who often comes into the club and, although he buys dances and utilizes dancers' services, he is constantly trying to "save" them, although they never asked for such an intervention. His methods are always underhanded and suspicious, because he at once asks dancers, "Why are you in this business? You could so so much more. You could be somebody," while at the same time buying dance after dance and coming in night after night to enjoy their work. This type of customer is the least favorite amongst exotic dancers because his intrusive questions and holier-than-thou attitude is not at all welcomed by hard-working women who find it to be very condescending, patronizing, and hypocritical.
"Captain Save a Ho" walks in and buys a lap dance and while the dancer is grinding him and he is getting aroused and falling in love, he chooses to ignore the work atmosphere and professional boundaries that go unsaid in the clubs, he interrupts his dirty talking to offer salvation, never in any substantial form, but, rather, a condescending declaration that she could do so much better, assuming that she is a victim and not a strong woman who has chosen this career. The intelligent dancer knows this is just a front for the man to try to get her to go home with him to enjoy her services for free and to control her life.
by davkadeergirl February 02, 2011