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Taken from the world of cinema and CGI (computer-generated imagery), this refers to the controlled ageing, weathering and worrying done to the set, props and costumes of a movie to give the viewer the impression of an old or used or weathered mise-en-scene.
I'm directing a picture about 18th century France, and my artistic designer currently has hands simulating an authentic look of the period by using charcoal and mud to dirtify all my sets.
by david lincoln brooks August 05, 2007
Starting around 1990, roughly concurrent with the release of Spike Lee's seminal motion picture "MALCOLM X" and the dizzying successes of rap music stars, a t-shirt slogan started to appear which said; IT'S A BLACK THANG, Y'ALL, YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND.

The word "thang", used in this context, was an Ebonicism used to refer specifically to a cultural meme or norm, which those who belonged to the special group-- in this case, African-Americans, would immediately recognize and understand... whilst those not belonging to this group (whites or non-blacks) would fail to understand, appreciate, or even recognize.

Thus, by extension, a "thang" is a folkway, meme, norm, predilection, code, shibboleth, artifact or behaviour exclusive to, or closely allied with, a particular sub-group of the larger populace.
Upon entering a neighborhood bar traditionally frequented by the African-American community:

White wannabe-rapper: "Yo, what is up widdis? One jar at the end of the bar filled with pickled eggs and another one filled with pickled pig's feet? Yo, dass nasty!""

His Black buddy: "Man, it's a Black thang, you wouldn't understand."

Or, during a moment of treasured understanding:

Straight guy: "Would you mind please telling me what IS it with you gays and Barbra Streisand?
Gay guy: "Oh, I guess it's a Queer thang, you wouldn't understand."

Or, at a typical American High school:

High School Teacher A: "One of my students actually has a tattoo of a tiny black teardrop under his left eye! It's kinda creepy... What is THAT all about??"
High School Teacher B: "Yeah, well that's a Latino gang-banger thang. Supposedly it means they've offed someone."
by david lincoln brooks August 10, 2007
Adult human semen, when donated to a sperm bank or fertility clinic in exchange for money... usually around $50 a donation. Often a source of quick easy funds for college males.
Frat boy 1: "Can you go in with us for a keg this weekend?"

Frat Boy 2: "I'm broke now, but I'll have 60 bucks to chip in after I drop off some white gold."

Frat Boy 1: "So you've managed to turn your hobby into a business, I see..?"
by david lincoln brooks April 27, 2007
Microwaveable food, especially pre-prepared meals.

So-called because of the sounds the microwave oven makes: the "ping" of punching in cooktimes, and the "ting" heard when the cooking is through.
Marge: Why not come over for dinner tonight? I'll serve lasagna.

Annabel: But you're so busy these days! I don't want you to go to any trouble.

Marge: Oh, it's only a ping-and-ting.
by david lincoln brooks February 02, 2008
(Chiefly Southern U.S.) Cologne. Especially men's, but can also mean women's perfume as well.
"Boy, you sure are wearing some really good-smelling foo-foo tonight!"

"Yeah, this is my 'get lucky' cologne."
by david lincoln brooks September 26, 2008
Owing something to the orignal meaning of the word, in computer-speak this refers to a computer process-- such as the installation of new software-- which the installer cannot or dare not leave, because the installation is not fully automatic and might require input from the installer during the install.
Computer Geek 1: "Lets go grab a Starucks, want to?"

Computer Geek 2: "Can't. I'm installing new software."

Computer Geek 1: "Oh, just let it install itself, automatically."

Computer Geek 2: "No, this software requires some heavy babysitting."
by david lincoln brooks May 31, 2007
Swollen and badly bruised. Phrase primarily in rural, folk or country use in the USA. Often used to refer to an eye that is so swollen and black (usually due to a fist punch), it appears closed over.
On COPS, they showed a woman who'd been beaten up by her boyfriend; her face was all stove up.
by david lincoln brooks October 09, 2007

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