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The public high school in the Millcreek area of Erie, PA. Full of two-faced bitches, druggies, fakes, skanks, sluts and hoes. Two girls will hate each other one week and be "BFFS" the next. It's harder to tell apart a true friend from a fake one than finding a pin in a hay stack. Nothing can be kept a secret. If you tell one person something, you better bet the whole school will know by the end of the week. Drama, drama, drama. Cat fights happening every week, with the occasional bitch fight. The easiest task to get done there is getting weed. And the teachers are asses.
Bob: I saw 2 bitch fights already this year and it's only the first month of school!

Jeff: Oh it must have been at Mcdowell.

Bob: You guessed it...

Classic example of two friends at Mcdowell

Tina: Omg don't you just hate abby, she's such a pot head.

Taylor: 1st of all weren't you her best friend yesterday?

and 2nd of all nah every one be smoking weed.
by datt bitch October 11, 2010

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