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anyone who thinks this is a wothwhile purchase is a fucking retard. ive seen mopeds faster than these peices of overpriced shit
fag- yeah i got a harley
dual sport - yeah you got a dick up your ass too
fag - yeah but i can fly a quarter mile in 16 seconds
dual sport - you're a fucking retard
by datsunface October 05, 2004
hell hole usa, curfew and cops with nothin better to do
that place teh sucks cause its simi valley
by datsunface October 06, 2004
sure it preforms well, but why - you can buy a japanese bike which outpreforms it in everyway for about 1/2 to 1/3 the price
-yeah my 999 is fast cost 30000 dollars though
-too bad my zx10r will smoke it out corner underweigh it and cost 11 grand oh did i mention it will last longer and repairs and parts are cheaper not to mention there are serious aftermarket parts like turbos
by datsunface October 05, 2004
overpriced performance - jap bikes do everything better and are much cheaper - you are buying alot of label and not enough performance
see ducati then look up an r1 or a zx 10r if you are comparing aprilia 1 liters
by datsunface October 05, 2004

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