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Orientation- Hispanic ass beatings. Verb- Getting a spanking, or hit with an object; a belt, hanger, spatula, or whatever's in your parents reach.
Lelo gave Baby Santi papow because he was a bad boy.
by datnjdvl13 June 08, 2009
Orientation- USMC Air Wing. originally N.G.I.T. stands for new guy in training. A Marine Airwinger is a nuggit until he/she deploys. they severely disrespected and trained until there first deployment.
Tell that Nuggit to clean the shop when he's done licking your balls.
by datnjdvl13 June 07, 2009
To do something more satisfying than what you're supposed to be doing. Such as making a doc appointment, taking off from work, then canceling it so you can take care of other shit.
Smith got a doc appointment today but I bet that motherfuckers scammin!
by datnjdvl13 June 11, 2009
orientation- Spanish. The sound of the male sex organs slapping the side of his leg when: jumping, running, or making his friends laugh.
Michael did the Fwapa Fwapa today when he was running, i couldn't stop laughing.
by datnjdvl13 June 07, 2009

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