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A town in southern New Jersey. very unknown from afar, but still very popular to it's county. also known as "dub-town" "billsville" "willy-town" "exit 38" or even the rare "wo-town." mainly composed of kids who pretend to be "tuff as nails" but are, in reality, soft as kleenex tissues. also well known for its terrible highschool football coach: fucetola. Rated #4 best places to live in new jersey, in 2003. Williamstown also has very strict school systems.
Fuck williamstown
by datnigga67 February 10, 2009
A long ass road in philly. if you turn on to kensington, turn right the fuck back off. the stop lights have been rigged so that you will hit EVERY red light; thus provided that every stop has a 95% PROBABILITY of loosing your car. if you make it from the begining to the end... its probably the winter time and too cold for the gang baggers to jack your shit.
yo man i got off the betsy ross bridge last night and wound up on kensington. i never saw no shit like that before in my life. homies shootin craps, pit bull fights. and of course a crew of about 8 brothas on every fucking corner with a 40 of colt 45 in their back pocket.
by datnigga67 February 15, 2009
1. The definition of "the man"
2. a jerk-off
1. "i fucking love matkowsky"
2. you are one fucking ruthless Matkowsky
by datnigga67 February 10, 2009

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