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3 definitions by daryl hotcakes

male stripper, wes tried to strip for katie but katie turned him down
wes is a real dick stripper
by daryl hotcakes February 10, 2003
when sum1 tells u u have a dicfore on ur head ask them what it is.
hey wes u have a big dickfore on ur forehead
by daryl hotcakes February 10, 2003
when u say trick or treat on halloween and u really want the trick part u say trick please, or when ur schoolin sum1 in basketball and ur on defense and u want them to TRY to do sumthin cool u say trick please
when i was schoolin this cracka in bball in the high flyin homies gym, i got bored on defense cuz this ghost wasnt doin n e thing so i said trick plesse
by daryl hotcakes February 08, 2003