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3 definitions by darrenteed

someone who is handsome and really good at lots of sports, drives a nice car and is killer with the ladies.
Look at that guy in the hot car with with the beautiful babe. He's such a smart alech.
by darrenteed January 23, 2013
1. Excessive pubic hair.
2. Especially course pubic hair.
3. Pubic hair that pokes through the underwear, bikini bottoms or jeans.
Did you see her Nic's crotch shot? That chick has the Brillo™ going on.
by Darrenteed May 22, 2007
A guy who asks for a bj and promises to give
you oral in return, but never does.
Ed didn't return the favor last night. He's such a snatchalater.
by Darrenteed May 21, 2007