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hmm, were to start, they wear this stange white eyeshadow which looks like paint, they then wear so much hair gel that their hair actually looks painful, dont get me started on the 'gold' hoop earings, cigarette in one hand, mobile in another and probably sitting by her babys pram in the park outside her council block with her brethren around her swearing spitting and swigging cheap cider.
victimising emos and or goths and walking up to people and saying 'u dissin me' or something along those lines.

most of the time, these... people (i use the term lightly) are seen hanging around kids parks, outside supermarkets and in or around macdonalds,,, (note, they are normally sat in their boyfriends chavvy modified cars)

a new thing is to write and say 'izzles or ozzles' after every word along with old favourites such as 'oh my daze' and 'tis mush' and 'ite' instead of are you alright.

they wear mainly pink and white sports gear from shops like sports world and have those things that i call chav jackets, you know the body warmers with the huge furry hoods.

they are generally foul mouthed. the chavettes are either extremely skinny or over weight, over weight chavs normally dress like boys i think they think they are gangster

of course not forgetting sovereign rings and they have big mouths
my cousin (who i will save from the shame by not naming) is sadly a chavette, she most commonly wears mini skirts which barely cover her arse horrid pink and white trainers, a burberry type cap (that poor brand)calls everyone mush and says innit alot. she attends grasstrack meets and wears so much make up i am surprised that she can show emotion. her hair is like straw were she has dyed and straitened it far too much and she is obsessed with thise damn hooped earings!
by darrens_girl22 May 25, 2007
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