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n. to avoid work by masturbating.
I didn't feel like working on my novel so, instead, i just lay around procrasturbating.
by darren o'donnell July 17, 2004
Having qualities that both delight and repulse the senses. Usually used to describe a person who is both very attractive and very hideous at the very same time.
Christopher Walken is beaugliful. Paula Jones, the woman who sued Bill Clinton, is beaugliful. Beaugliful, like any aesthetic assesment, is in the eyes of the beholder.
by Darren O'Donnell May 13, 2006
An acronym for the phrase 'what are you working on?", often to be heard asked by urban artsters of each other.
First Artster: Waywo?

Second Artster: I'm fine-tuning a treatment for a tv series about the flavours of the world's salt, shooting a video for some random band, editing my first novel and putting together a sick mix for muxtape. (translation: nothing.)
by Darren O'Donnell May 01, 2008

To brag while pretending to complain.
Jake is always complagging about how tiresome it is to be making art in Europe.

I was complagging about the fact that since August 28th, I've been on fourteen flights. But it really is hard on my back!
by Darren O'Donnell October 27, 2007
A state of readiness, needing only a shift in resources - monetary, emotional, psychological - in ones favor.
I'm shovel-ready for a relationship with Betty, if only she knew I existed.
by Darren O'Donnell January 28, 2009
(noun) An irrational impulse to google or otherwise use the internet to search for something completely impossible to locate on the WWW.

(verb) To experience the desire to google something ungoogleable.
(noun) When I realized I had misplaced the keys to the safe I experienced such a strong google twitch that I actually sat down in front of my computer and typed "keys to safe" before I recognized my foolishness.

(noun) Jimmy lost track of his girlfriend, Yvonne, at the mall and while searching for her had a momentary google twitch as he walked past a computer store.

(verb) I was trying to remember where we were when we first kissed and I totally google twitched.
by Darren O'Donnell June 02, 2006
A full bladder that tends to wake you up in morning.
My alarm cock woke me up at 5 this morning; maybe I should get my prostate checked.
by Darren O'Donnell August 19, 2008

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