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When you are using a spray bottle and the contents get stuck in the sprayer or just foam at the tip causing great anger.
Throwing a squirt bottle after it does not function properly would result in spraynger.

Screaming at squirt bottle and twisting the tip furiously is outright spraynger.
by darlaplans June 08, 2009
When you say something in front of someone that has offended them or should not have gotten back to them and you are now frozen and wish you could ctrl alt del yourself and start all over again without any record.
I think that Gina girl's hairstyle is awful. Hey, that's not nice, Gina is my cousin. Sorry, Ctrl Alt Del!
by darlaplans June 08, 2009
Someone who frequents Taco Bells and only orders beans on things most likely because they are a vegetarian
Jayne is such a beaner, look how she frowns watching us eat our burgers.
by darlaplans June 04, 2009
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