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1.when a person is so wrong about somthing, out of balance or out of touch with the whole world
that person can said to be "gagging for it"

2.when a person is so excited, so eagarly awaiting something, that they may go insane at any
moment, sometimes they will use the phrase "gagging for it" in stand alone fashion

3.a description of a person who is just plain undesirable, just about anytime anywhere.

4.the very quiet and seductive, softy.....when someone offers something to another.....mainly
as an affection to the other.....the response"gagging for it" may be used and although "wretching for it" is not used,
in conjunction with, could be added, if the speaker had a very very light touch...

5.and almost exclusivly in England....after a long day at the office or work....the very idea
of a cocktail after arriving at home..."gagging for it" is proper slang

6. really "gagging for it" can be used anytime an alternate or better adjective can not be accessed easily"
1.ex: oh that person is wrong, no he is dead wrong, no he is "gagging for it"

2.ex: "gagging for it"

3.ex: "oh, here comes that "gagging for it" bastard, omg"

4.ex:question: well, would you like to read this book of poems? answer: (very softly) "gagging for it"

5.ex: Hi Honey, how was your day at work, like a martini? " answer: "Gagging for it"

6. ex (like lost at the grocery store) "oh, where is that "gagging for it" peanut butter isle"
by darkwind31 January 09, 2010

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