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A song by Smosh. basically, there comedic version of whistle by flo rida. its a song about blow jobs.
it dont matter who you are, white black asian or hispanic, theres no need to panic, you know this s***'s organic. if you dont get enough, it can make you go nuts, grab your dixon cider, wash it down with donuts.
by darkmaster300 June 18, 2013
Ligon, although other wrong definitions may say otherwise, started as an all black school during segregation. its still diverse. it is located in the inner city and is the ghettoest middle school ever. shooting dont happen, though one person got flashed walking outside, and people have gotten knives pulled on them. carnage was not the all black school, it was ligon. ligon is the best school ever.
man, Ligon Middle School is so ghetto.
by darkmaster300 June 13, 2013
as in scrotum fro, this is a condition in which a mans pubic hair becomes so thick and luscious it resembles an afro.
this nigga got a scro-fro! damn!
by darkmaster300 May 26, 2013
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