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R&B singer best known for his album Emotional in 2000.
I just got that new Carl Thomas CD Emotional. It touched me deeply.
by darkking777 December 13, 2010
Result of what happens to someone who learns the truth of something long after using. And then swears off of it despite the fact that it has been used over and over again most times for years.
1.) mmmmm these chitterlings are hell a good. Huh ewww I have been eating cow intestines for years and never knew. Time to stop messing with those for sure. That chitterlings theory is a mean mother!!!

2.) She is on that chitterlings theory with the cosmetics she used to use. Pore girl found out they did animal testing.
by darkking777 December 20, 2010
the act of someone making a comment after you to sound better than or to impress someone who makes a post.
Did you just see that. The hater just did a counter comment on me. They must really like that person.
by darkking777 December 20, 2010
Any relationship that does not last for more than a few hours to a few short months (about 3 at the most).
What happen with you and that fine lady you were with. Oh! her it was just a grade school relationship.
by darkking777 December 13, 2010

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