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When you take a shit and the crap, which is runny and chunky, hits the water and splashes up covering your ass.
"shit.... I just dropped some German Shrapnel in there!"
#shit #chunky #crap #splash #german #shrapnel #german shrapnel
by Darkhawk February 08, 2006
Golden eyes are one of the rarest of the hazel eye group. Golden eyes are know to define psychic abilities within that person. A dark ring around the outer circumference show increased intelligence, and heightened psychic ability. This is not to be confused with the more common amber eyes , which are yellow, and which are much more common and do not exhibit psychic ability.
I have to be careful around a gold eye so that they dont see my real feelings about them.
#psychic #eyes #mind reading #gold #perception #love
by darkhawk October 26, 2013
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