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Pretty much the ghetto...
I grew up in Dundalk and it is so sad to see what it has become. I moved away at the age of 23 and am 26 now, I moved because I wanted to have kids but would not dare have kids in such an environment.

Guys walking around with pants falling off there behind, girls with 3-5 kids by several different men and yet still sleeping around. Drugs is a serious problem in the area.

When I was a kid I could walk to stores alone and not have to worry but by the time I was 16 I was actually terrified to walk to a store alone, I would have a gang of freaking homeboys come up hitting on me and I would start to get freaked out that maybe they were going to attack me..

Lets not forget the mixing of races , white girls sleeping with black guys and having kids with them and mexicans all over the place..

The big problem is that Baltimore city housed all the trash but now they have started to fix it up and sell houses for $300,000 and up so all of the trash are flooding out to essex and dundalk..
by darkcherryrose March 13, 2010
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