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a kid that is real nice has a lot of friends is understanding and never is an ass doesn't put up with shit and so one and is always one the game and never losses a girl friend/boy friend easily
guy/girl 1:dude did you see zane last night

guy/girl 2:ya dude he was like on fire with his/her gf/bf
by dark lord wolf July 19, 2009
to fail in such a way people will ask you how the fuck did you do that or to be obliterated off of a game for doing something stupid that could have been avoided
1)to epic fail in total failing status and to be annihilated from the face of the earth for no apparent reason

2)to be like the titanic and sink your self on a ice berg you could have rammed in to and lived

3) throwing a diamond over the edge of a moving boat

4)ramming a car into the roof when all the spots are taken up by fellow cars
by dark lord wolf July 20, 2009
Being a person who is dark, scary, creepy, and goes to mental hospitals and becomes friends with the people there. The hospital is like their second home just like the jail.

They also wear all black cloths, carry a knife with them at all times, including into a government building (trust me i know some one has done this be for i was with him). They might be crazy, and they hear voices when they're alone.
guy 1: dude did you see that guy last night

guy 2: ya he looks like a cheyanne

guy 1: lets just leave him alone for now
by dark lord wolf July 19, 2009
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