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4 definitions by dark doppelganger

Any condom made from Kevlar. The only contraceptive that is more reliable then abstinence.
"I heard you screwed Sarah last night man? Did you use protection?"

"Don't worry, I used an Ironclad. Her lower body will be numb for the rest of the week."
by Dark Doppelganger February 21, 2010
25 10
During a Zombie-pocalypse a quisling is any person who has become so physiologically disturbed that he/she subconsciously convinces him or herself that they are one of the walking dead. A quisling will imitate a zombie perfectly and will attempt to feed on a normal human should it encounter one. A quisling's bite is NOT infectious. Because a quisling is not truly one of the undead, a quisling can be killed like a normal human, not just with a head shot.
"Shit dude! It bit me!"

"Don't worry about it bro, it was only a quisling. You'll be fine."
by dark doppelganger February 20, 2010
38 29
The offspring of any breed of Bulldog and a Shitzu dog.
"Awww what a cute little Bull-Shitz."
by Dark Doppelganger February 21, 2010
5 0
A student or Alumni of The South Harmon Institute of Technology (SHIT)
"So... are you saying you're a SHIThead?"

"I'm saying I'm a SHIThead."

by Dark Doppelganger February 25, 2010
5 9