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Unholy Pimp Lord
Dark Corrupt > You
by Dark June 14, 2003
Slut, Hoe, Retard, Freak...
OMG! Jane is SUCH a Hoe-Bag!!
by DaRK January 24, 2004
People who use the "Add Definition" function on urbandictionary.com to argue, bitch, complain, and, generally, be belligerent.
by dark July 30, 2003
Used to describe a man that has a penis far larger than the man directly to his right
Oh baby, that man is so dark. But that next guy is even darker than him. Whew, I'm going to need some special cream if these guys keep getting darker.
by dark July 29, 2003
The person who's nickname is penis.
Iceman's new name is penis.
by Dark May 11, 2004
Lacking breast ; female's body that lacks the curves of a woman

flat chested
That girl is straight as an arrow!
by Dark January 23, 2005
VGL = Video Games Lounge. A chat room that has existed in the AOL Video Games section for many years in which about 20 people--fluctuating off and on--called "home." Renmazuo, DarkstalkrR (Gamearts), Wren(Random#s), EVAUNITII, RyuuKotei, Soul4ger were just a few of its members. The chat room existed since at least 1996 (and possibly before that time). Its rival, "The War Room" (ANT AOL) started a few years after. It is unknown whether VGL still exists today, and who--or what--is currently occupying it...
Otaku said it best: A nut house.
by Dark May 05, 2005

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