1 definition by dantheman51392

One who practices putting out constant updates about their mundane lives via facebook, twitter, or myspace. Not to be confused with a status slut: one who comments on statuses but doesn't actually put out anything.
related terms:
Facebook Whore
Myspace Whore
Twitter Whore (less common)
Jilllian: i love taylor swift. teardrops on my guitar makes me cry every time. (1 minute ago)
Jillian: we were both young, when i first saw you... (30 seconds ago)
Jillian: i close my eyes and the flashback starts i'm standing there...( 10 seconds ago)
Jillian: on a balcony in the summer air...
Mike: Jillian ******** is such a f*cking status whore. i hate her with every fiber of my being.
by dantheman51392 November 08, 2009

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