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1 definition by danika & shanda

An extremley popular manga from here in Japan, has been made into an anime, and 2 movies.
Ahhh its so good, If you like manga and anime, you should DEFFINATLY get into this one.
The actual death note is a notebook made for the Shinigami (death gods) to shorten peoples lifespan, but its possible for a human to get their hands one one.
They are fictional, but i wish they were real,
it would be damn sexy.
Light is one of the main characters, he's extremley smart its almost inhuman.

shanda: Im so bored danika, get off the computer.
danika: Haha no, lets watch death note. ep 27 is out now. ;)
shanda: omg thats sexy
danika: ahahaha, Light's so amazing.
shanda: I agree completley, but i miss L.
danika: Of course, but Kira's gotta do, what Kira's gotta do.
by danika & shanda April 28, 2007
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