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A mental disease that effects both girls and boys, people often think of eating disorders only effecting teenage girls but this is very false. Bulimia can effect both girls and boys of all ages. Bulimia is when someone binges, over eats to an EXTREME and then purges in some way. Usually self-induced vomiting, but also over exercising, fasting, or using laxatives. Bulimia is an addiction, and is different from anorexia because it's not always about losing weight or getting thin. It's a coping mechanism as well, and usually bulimics are a normal weight, or sometimes even over weight. It's a very serious disease that eventually WILL be fatal if not stopped. Treatment is often necessary, but not always.
"I think Jill is bulimic, she always goes to the bathroom after meals"
"Not necessarily, she doesn't seem to over eat too much which is a big bulimia symptom."
by Daniella Corlioni April 07, 2010
A well-off suburban town neighboring Boston. No liquor stores arounds, and there was a big debate just to put a Duncan donuts in! Of course they couldn't allow a Penara bread, thats too close to fast food!

There's probably the highest % of eating disorders there in the country. Don't be surprised if you see a good half the girls show strong signs of bulimia or anorexia before they reach high school.
"c'mon cathy, eat something."
"What are you from wellesley or something?"
by daniella Corlioni April 07, 2010

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