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2 definitions by dangerouslypurple

The most amazing person of life. Preet's are ALWAYS funny, talkative, friendly, social, brilliant, smart, adorable, and everything else that is amazing in this world. People will always have an attraction to be close to a Preet though only a select few are chosen. A Preet is in a much higher criteria compared to a Ruqayyah.
Girl 1 : My gosh that Preet is incredible!

Girl 2 : I know! I wish I could be her friend.

Girl 1: You can! Because she's so friendly and great.

Girl 2 : This is awesome! I LOVE THAT PREET.
by dangerouslypurple November 14, 2010
A rude comeback or action which surprises the other person or persons which is used by others not the person to say the comeback.
She's more stupid than a donkey.

Wow, you're really blan dude.

I hate her, she's really ugly. She'll never get a boyfriend.

Why are you so blan?
by dangerouslypurple November 05, 2010