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The unfortunate event where a man who loves to give blow jobs, takes on more than he can swallow resulting in a traumatized adams apple which ultimately cracks in half and nearly shatters within his throat.

Symptoms includes: Swollen Epiglottis, inability to hold a conversation beyond 20 seconds, aggressive puss sack build up in esophagus, shifted carotid artery.

These symptoms may require immediate medical attention.
Doctor - "Damn this is the 6th "Cracked Adams" case I've seen this weekend."

Nurse - "What do you expect, The Ring Hole* just opened up in gay town this week"

Doctor - "No shit! Hey I heard they have good wings."

*see defined word for description
by dangchicago April 16, 2009
The unfortunate male disorder where the penis is one quarter the circumference of a #2 pencil. Usually in the case of this "Micro Penis" the shaft has been covered with pubes just under the mushroom cap of the penis.
Girl - "You got to be fucking kidding me...!"

Guy - "What?" (as he stands there with pants around ankles)

Girl - "Ummm your dick looks like a bearded mesquito."

Guy - "Fuck you, most chicks think it's cute."

Girl - "It may be cute, but it's useless to me as I can get off better using a half eaten wet triscuit cracker on my clit"
by dangchicago April 16, 2009
A Chicago Gay bar that existed in the early 70's. This bar encouraged rim ridding*, shaft mastering, and ball burying in the alley behind the bar usually after 2am.

Though a gay bar and rather annoying for hetero's in the area they had some pretty fuckin good chicken wings that were basted with a creamy dill sauce, or so they said.
Stephis - Hey you up for a little "Ring Hole" tonight?

Lance - "I'm outta there at 1:30 though."

Stephis - "I'm staying til three at least...they said they wanted to see if I could push bricks tonight"

Lance - "Your fuckin' gay"

Stephis - "No Shit"
by dangchicago April 16, 2009
A middle aged balding overweight gentleman who jabs his penis head into his stomach fold to allow the dangling of his testies while free balling at work. Most Grocery store produce managers, 90% to be exact perform this act.
Tina - Walking to the salad bar "What the fuck is up with Blake?"

Jenny (Deli Clerk) - "uhhh is he walkin weird?"

Tina - "yep"

Jenny "then he's probably doing the "bangle dangle"

Tina - "I'm not even going to ask"
by dangchicago April 16, 2009
A girl or group of semi-nasty thick thighed girls who "cock block" a mans seed sharing attempt with their hot friend.
A Guy named "Guy" has made successful moves on a hottie named Brenda at a local bar. He heads over as last call was announced to take her back to his place for some "Dipping Fun" and out of nowhere Brendas friend approaches

Hot Chicks friend "Kerri Kankles" - Brenda ummm my socks keep falling down and I'm embarrassed can you take me home?

Hot Chicks friend 2 "Yeah Brenda ummmm we"re kinda hungry too can we stop by and get 15 krystal burgers on the way home?

Brenda being the faithful friend tells Guy that tonight is not a good not.

Guy turns to his friends..."That my friends are a couple of cum killers"

by dangchicago April 16, 2009

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