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1. A censored form of the curse: god damn it.
2. The most offensive exclamation to all of those under the Mormon faith.
3. Ordering the unknown religious figure, "gosh" to "dang" an object/person.
1. Gosh dang it, Daen!
2. "Oh, gosh dang it Nick! You knocked my caffeine-free soda all over three of my wives!"
3. "That cat did a nasty on my carpet again! Gosh dang it! Gosh dang it to heck!!!"
by danethebrain January 14, 2008
When you HAVE to use a public bathroom and HAVE to use the stall, but the seats are too disgusting to actually sit on and there's no seat covers so you have to just pull down your pants and hover your butt over the side of the bowl and drop your load in like a hovercraft dropping shipments/torpedoes.
Dude, that toilet was so disgusting, I had to do the hovercraft!

Guy one: Eeeewwwww, this seat is nasty!
Guy two: Just hovercraft it, dude.
by danethebrain January 16, 2008
Pronounced: Doe-n-doo-da(t)-shi(t) (both "t's" are silent).

"Don't do that shit."

When one bro tells another bro to think twice about doing something unintelligent.
Homie 1: Yeeaaah maaaan, Imma rob up dis here bank, maaan!
Homie 2: Maaaaaaaaaaaaan, dondoodatshit, maaaan!!!
by danethebrain February 25, 2008

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